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Surgical Statistics

Çankaya Orthopedics performs around 2500 surgical procedures yearly, covering all subspecialties of orthopedics & traumatology. We are a national center of excellence for arthroscopic surgery, trauma and joint replacement and this is reflected in the higher number of these procedures

Breakdown of Surgical Procedures Between 2010-2014

Infection Rates

Infection RatesOrthopedic surgical procedures are classified as ultra-clean surgery and unlike general surgery and urological procedures, bacterial contamination is minimal. Therefore infection rates after orthopedic procedures are much lower than other than other types of surgery. The risk of infection is increased when metallic or ceramic implants are used in joint replacement and trauma surgery. Implant infections are difficult to treat and usually require the removal of these foreign materials and prolonged antibiotherapy.

The internationally accepted rate of infection following total knee replacement is 2-4%, with hip replacement this is lower with 1-2%. The infection rate of joint replacements performed by Çankaya Orthopedics is 0.9% in 2013 and 0.3% in 2014. These low rates are due to special precautions we take to prevent surgical site infections. We also treat a large number of infected joint replacements whose joints were implanted in other hospitals. Our clinical success rate after two-stage revisions for infected joint replacements is over 90%.